Free Windows 10 Original from ASUS, Here’s How to Get!

Every time you buy a new laptop, we are complicated because it has to install its own operating system. Because some laptop vendors only equip their products with DOS operating system.

For you lovers of Windows operating system, there is good news yes. Because if you buy a new laptop ASUS, you will get Windows 10 original for free. Because all ASUS laptops use Windows 10 pre-installed!

ASUS Cooperate with Microsoft Presents the Best Computing Experience

Typically, ASUS laptops come with DOS or Endless OS operating system but starting on November 23, 2017, all ASUS notebooks will be equipped with pre-installed Windows 10 operating system. Cool, right?

So from now on, every time you buy an ASUS notebook, from premium notebooks, ultra-books, and convertibles to gaming notebooks; all equipped with Windows operating system 10 (Home and Pro Edition). Not to forget, mainstream notebook and affordable model will also come with Windows 10.

“ASUS has long been a partner of Microsoft in delivering the best experience in terms of hardware and software development services, and we are delighted to announce that ASUS ‘latest product into the Indonesian market now comes complete with Windows 10,” said Rex Lee, General Manager of ASUS Asia Pacific Business Systems Group.

Do not worry about the price. The price of ASUS notebooks that use Windows 10 pre-installed is not much different from the price of notebooks that use DOS. So you can get the original Windows 10 on a laptop without paying for expensive.

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