Create Good Content For Youtube using Great Quality Video, Audio and Closed Caption

One of the best way to get noticed on the internet and market your business is YouTube. Famous for the best leading video sharing service and become the best place to share your knowledge with others. However, not every video gets many views, only quality content video will stand out of other video and become the paramount on youtube. If you want to be favorite youtuber, you might need to create quality videos. For Closed Caption, you can simply check With quality video, you will be able to obtain more subscribers and reviews on YouTube. Therefore, today I will provide you a step by step guide on creating good video on youtube.

The first step is make sure to get proper equipment for taking video. Make sure to get HD Camera that have good quality output video. Generally, HD Camera cost at least $250 for 4k video recording. Then, don’t forget to get a good and high quality audio for recording the sounds, this is more important than video. A good video will be better and will allow you to convey your message clearly with great audio equipment. Make sure to purchase an excellent audio on budget, such as microphone in the $100 range.

The next step is purchasing video editing software. Video editing software for windows that capable to provides you an automatic filters or provide you manual parameter adjustment is a must to produce a great movie. Several effects that always on good video editor are twirl, stripes, find edges and even split screed and zoom effect.

A good Youtube Content must have Closed Captions

To create a good film, you will need to plan your film before you actually filming. Make sure that you have a clear plan and make a clear story board to make sure what you need to take and why. You might need to log every take or footage by having clapperboard. Now, you can open your video editing software for windows and create a new project. I recommend you to create video either 640×480 or 720×480 at 29.97 frames per second, this setting are called NTSC standard.

You might need to prepare the tools for filming. You can use smartphones, webcam, video camera for high-quality filming for taking video. However, I recommend you to get a dedicated microphone that have good sound quality when taking video. You can find a reasonably priced microphone that can be attached to your video camera or you can simply use your smartphone for recording audio.

The next step is using video editing application. You can use video editing application that are free and available on the internet for personal purpose, however if you require high quality video I recommend you to take expensive video editing application that provides you a great way to editing your video and make them looks cinematic.

After that you can begin to arrange your video according your storyboard. Then, add effect or transition, voice over and music to make sure that your movie are appealing and interesting. However, if you want to get more professional video, consider to write a voice over script and send them into and get the best voice over for your video.