Video Marketing through Video Message

This is more of an invention in the field of Mobile Technology and the Internet. The product invented is named as VMS “Video Messaging and Mailing Service.” With this Hi-Tech product Audio Visual Communication transmission to any Mobile Phone, iPhone, BlackBerry, PC/Laptops or Tablets has become completely hindrance free. In effect, any device which supports internet streaming can undoubtedly be used to VMS the world over.

This new technology is so robust and so unique because of three big USBs.

1) Platform Independency – this means that our technology supports all types of platforms across the globe. So whether your device is an I-Phone, Blackberry, Android or even a primary handset device VMMS will ensure that the videos streams seamlessly without any difficulty whatsoever.

2) Protocol Independence – this means that whether the browser of your handset supports HTTP; RTMP; RTSP or even MMS, VMMS still ensures you can share unlimited videos worldwide.

3) Network Independence – this means that some devices support 2G, 3G or even 4G networks, but once again VMMS supports all systems to give you a video sharing experience like never before.

The video once captured comes to the recipient in the form of an SMS. All he/she needs to do is click on the link, and the video would stream without the need for downloading. Thus it is free from virus and is tamper proof.

Youtube channel promotion site on this new mobile media is an avenue that needs to be quickly capitalized at the earliest given the technological break-through achieved. It assures guaranteed eyeball viewing and potential to assess accurately and analysis any viral movement.

This technology is apt for video marketing because with one click the viewer can see virtually everything in terms of a promotional video. That’s not all the viewer can even forward it to anybody having an internet connection. This way the viral effect of any video is humungous. Plus it is one of the most cost-effective means of promoting videos through video messaging and video mailing. This technology is so robust and flexible the same video message can be actually posted as a video scrap on any social network or even used as a video blog in any blogging network that exists.

Last but not least since the option of downloading is not provided, it is tamper proof. This means that unlike an MMS, in a VMS one cannot add, delete or modify the video. When it goes to a recipient and then gets viral your original video stays as it without being altered at all. This is not all since this service runs on cloud technology it is virus proof. Whatever happens; happens to the server of the technology your device does not get affected at all. Finally, we have left the best for the last. Through this video messaging and video mailing service you can track the number of views, the duration it has been viewed and also the number of times this video has been forwarded.

Isn’t it the next best thing for video marketing? Then what are you waiting for grab video message service today and experience the best in video marketing?